Eco Plan

‘Going Green’ is central to our hairdressing business. As part of our refurbishment, we introduced innovative measures that has resulted in Élan becoming nationally recognised as the UK’s most eco-friendly and sustainable hairdressing salon.

Our approach has won us national praise and yielded a hoard of awards for our pioneering approach. These include more than 90 nominations and 25 awards for environmental innovation and sustainability. Some of our awards include the National Recycling Awards, Zero Waste Awards, The British Chamber of Commerce Award and Climate Week Award. These achievements have seen Élan compete with businesses such as Orange, BT and Marks & Spencer – a fantastic achievement for a hairdressing salon from Inverurie!

As part of our determination to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce and manage waste and be a positive force for the protection of our natural resources, we are the first salon to develop a Carbon Management Plan in association with Synergie Environ and The Carbon Trust. This plan continually measures our effects on the environment to minimise negative impacts.

Just one highlight is that we've achieved a 95% reduction in our Co2 emmissions; beating the target we set in our Carbon management Plan!

Whilst you may directly experience some of the things we’ve done, such as converting to recyclable towels, many of the measures we’ve taken may not be immediately visible. We have taken every effort to source everything eco-friendly in the salon – from flooring and furniture, to lighting and systems – to be as efficient as possible.

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