Carbon Management Plan

As part of our determination to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce and manage waste and be a positive force for the protection of our natural resources, we are the first salon to develop a Carbon Management Plan in association with The Carbon Trust to continually measure our effects on the environment and minimise negative impacts.

This plan has range of set objectives as follows:

  • Implement all equipment and plant into the day-to-day running of the salon to achieve our aim of becoming carbon neutral and zero waste to landfill
  • Continue to implement staff awareness training and sustain an internal low carbon culture
  • Identify future carbon reduction measures, particularly in relation to waste and water use
  • Continue to specify low carbon design of new plant, equipment and other supplies
  • Continue to use energy from sustainable sources e.g. renewable energy
  • Continue to promote carbon reduction amongst customers and the wider local community
  • Consider life-cycle carbon emissions for all new projects
  • To engage with the wider community and help a percentage of the 45,000 UK hairdressing businesses save the planet by even implementing one of the systems that Élan has in place
  • To continue working with colleges in Scotland and inspire them to teach sustainability to all students with a focus on hairdressing, as it is such a energy intensive industry

In addition to numerous accolades for environmental achievement, statistics show we have achieved huge reductions in consumption and waste. These results include:

Click HERE to see testimonials from Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond, the British Chamber of Commerce and customers that recognise what we’re doing!